5 Features To Consider When Choosing A Dry Herb Vaporizer

You need to consider some factors before buying a marijuana vaporizer. In some ways, comparing dry herb vaporizers is like comparing electronics. Factors like warranty and price are always important. Here is a guide to choosing the best portable vaporizer for dry herb.

1. Portable vs. Desktop

The first major decision you make is whether you need a desktop or portable vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizer is ideal for either outside or home use. However, most portable vaporizers don’t provide the same level of functionality. Note that portable vaporizers often have shorter battery lives and small chambers compared to desktop vaporizers. As such, using a portable vaporizer at home may require frequent recharges and refills. If you want to enjoy a longer smoking session with buddies, go for the desktop vaporizer. Again, desktop vaporizers offer versatility when it comes to inhaling techniques. A vast majority of portable vaporizers will only allow you to directly inhale from the mouthpiece. Read More …