5 Features To Consider When Choosing A Dry Herb Vaporizer



You need to consider some factors before buying a marijuana vaporizer. In some ways, comparing dry herb vaporizers is like comparing electronics. Factors like warranty and price are always important. Here is a guide to choosing the best portable vaporizer for dry herb.

1. Portable vs. Desktop

The first major decision you make is whether you need a desktop or portable vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizer is ideal for either outside or home use. However, most portable vaporizers don’t provide the same level of functionality. Note that portable vaporizers often have shorter battery lives and small chambers compared to desktop vaporizers. As such, using a portable vaporizer at home may require frequent recharges and refills. If you want to enjoy a longer smoking session with buddies, go for the desktop vaporizer. Again, desktop vaporizers offer versatility when it comes to inhaling techniques. A vast majority of portable vaporizers will only allow you to directly inhale from the mouthpiece.

2. Heating Method

There are two types of heating methods in vaping. Convection transfers heat via air particles whereas conduction transfers heat through direct contact. Convection heating is considered superior since dry herbs and the vaporizer doesn’t contact. However, it is a more expensive option. Unlike conduction, convection heating doesn’t pose a risk of combustion. Again, it doesn’t generate uneven heating that may require you to periodically shake the vaporizer.

3. Temperature Control

Some vaporizers allow you to adjust the temperature whereas some automatically control the temperature. Manual vaporizers come with three options, a digital display, adjustable knob, and a range of pre-sets. The most popular option is the digital display. It allows you to adjust the temperature with the most precision. Nonetheless, all the three options allow you to vaporize at a consistent temperature. Automatic vaporizers adjust the temperature based on your inhalation speed. Therefore, with time you learn how to inhale vapes at optimal.

4. Power Source

The power source is an important consideration before buying a vaporizer. It is more relevant to portable vaporizers because desktop vaporizers often use wall adaptors. While a handful portable vaporizers run on butane, most of them rely on rechargeable batteries. Note that certain batteries may last longer than others. If your vaporizer has an internal battery, ask for a warranty that covers battery replacement. It is often hard to compare the quality of a battery without first using a vaporizer.

5. Accessories

Consider accessories that your vaporizer might need before committing to your decision. All vaporizers need some form of upkeep whether it is recharging, cleaning, or parts replacement. Even though most vape pens come with enough accessories, you may need extra accessories in the future.


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